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Coronavirus Song | Coronavirus Shoo! | Short Poem in English

Corona virus shoo, 
Corona virus, shoo, shoo, 
Let's fight the virus, Protect ourselves 

corona-virus shoo!

The virus shoo, shoo 
and these are what we should do 
take our temperatures everyday. 
Wash our hands frequently with 
soap Cover our mouths. 

When we come our sneeze 
we to stop the virus from spreading, 
Corona virus shoo, Let's fight the virus, 
Protect ourselves corona-virus shoo, 

corona-virus shoo! 

The virus shoo, 
and these are what the do
avoid Touching our faces, 
avoid sharing food, 
avoid going crowded places, 
wear masks if we are unwell 

Corona virus, shoo, shoo!

Let's fight the Virus, 
Protect ourselves, 
the virus shoo, shoo. 
And these are what we should do!. 
Drink lots of water everyday, 
have enough sleep and rest, 
Eat lots of fruits 
and vegetables and exercise regularly. 

Corona virus shoo!. we can fight the corona-virus.

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