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Essay On Sikkim In English | Culture Of Sikkim | Sikkim Tourism Places


The mask dance is very famous here and is performed by the monks in the temple during religious festivals.

The monks loved themselves with gaily-painted masks, ceremonial swords, and sparkling jewels where they danced according to the sound of resounding drums, trumpeting horns, and religious chanting. The earliest inhabitants of the state namely the Lepchas are predominantly Buddhist and Christians, but however before the introduction of these two religions they believed in the bone faith or mune faith based on the spirits, good and bad for - they prayed to the spirits associated with nature like mountains, rivers, and forests. Their settlements are quite small for each hut in a village is made of bamboo and is raised about five feet above the ground on stilts. There are just a couple of rooms with only small minimum essential requirements of life.


The Sikkimese are known for their traditional sport of archery which is played especially after the harvest. This is one of the ancient sports practiced by the people to rejuvenate the cultural identity of the region. The Players cannot play the sports wearing normal dresses but they will have to dress up with their traditional attire named Kho. A small wooden target measuring 3 by 1 foot lying at a distance of 130 meters is to be shot during the sport by the opponents in order to confuse the player, weak verbal abuse on them. The women of the Bhutia Community also participate where they use vulgar insinuations at the opponent arches that even The most rational and pragmatic people also start blushing. This is considered more often as fun. In some villages, a ritual of burying the effigies of the opponents is also protected is believed as an influctar of bad luck to the opponent.


The men belonging to the Lepcha Community wear a white Pajama, stretching to the Calves and this is called as Thokro-Dom.

The men wear a shirt and a cap commonly known as Bhaku which is like a long rube full and tied to the neck on one side and with a silk or a cotton belt at the waist. On top of all this, they prefer a waistcoat, Jya Iya. Nepalese constitutes a portion of the population of people of Sikkim and the origin is very clearly depicted in their attire. The Nepalese men dress in survival, a churidar Pajama topped off by a shirt, known as Dawra. The women of the Lepcha community drupe themselves with a game of smooth and cozy chess which is quite long and goes up to the ankle. The blouse worn by them is very loose and is known as Tago. Apart from this, they wear a belt and a lap and aco, themes with earrings, called Nanchok, Leak a necklace Gyar and a bracelet. The Costume of the Bronte women is mene od ley similar to that of Lepchas. The moored women of A this community apart from their regular Costume wear a striped apron known as Pangden. They are quite crazy about gold ornaments. The Women belonging to the Nepali Community adorn themselves with vibrant colors especially the scris. The blouse is loose and Fastened from four sides and hence is called chaubandi cholo. The upper portion of the body is plainly enveloped with a piece.


Agriculture is the major occupation of the people of Sikkim. They grow Cardamom, ginger, and tea. Apart from this, the other principal crops grown here include Mandarin orange, guava, Mango bananas, and domestic Tourism also forms the backbone of the Spk Kim economy. Aquaculture is an important area of economic activity particularly in the context of enabling the swal people.


The People of Sikkim are more commonly known as the Sikkimese. The prehistoric times of the state of Sikkim were owned by three tribes namely Naory Chang and the Mon. But however, they were soon overtaken by groups of people who were mainly from the neighboring country namely the Lepcha who belonged to the claw of Nagas soon Sikkim had three groups of major bible people namely and Lepcha who migrated from Tibet to Brotas who are the descendants of Buddhist from Tibet finally the Nepalese from Nepal and they are descendants of Mundus. The culture of Sikkim can be best exp.


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